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Mosman dentist Dr Nick Kulkarni provides quality dental care at his Mosman practice, specialising in preventative, cosmetic and implant Dentistry.

The team at MDS is proud to present you with top of the range instrument sterilisation protocol. Since we provide general surgical services (eg. wisdom tooth removals) and in particular implant placement procedures, infection control has had our attention from the initial concept and design stages of this surgery to the very minute detail of day to day practice.

From the stainless steel bench tops to the state of the art appliances, everything possible is done to ensure ‘germ free’ procedures. Needless to say all instruments are sealed in (autoclaved) pouches which are opened in front of your eyes.

Appropriate maintenance and service procedures required to keep sterilisation appliances in reliable working order are documented by up to date calibration certificates – displayed for your inspection.

Our trusted assistant responsible for the surgical protocol and delivery system is a trained operating-theatre nurse.

Dr Nick and the team at the Mosman Dental Surgery aim to give you peace of mind in this respect, as well as in every other detail of this practice