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General Dentistry

At our practice we offer advice and treatment for all general dental issues.

We take pride in making sure that your teeth and gums are free from any nasty problems. General dentistry involves the following aspects:

Check up with Oral Prophylaxis

This is a vital part of maintaining your dental health. This appointment generally involves a thorough clean and polish of your teeth, examination of teeth and gums, bitewing x-rays to check for hidden decay and a Fluoride treatment at the end. To maintain oral hygiene, it is critical that there is 6 monthly professional clean and check up. X-rays are necessary for checking in between teeth and health of tooth supporting bone.


Colloquially referred to as fillings are required when a part of a tooth has dental decay. We use nano-hybrid composites for restoring broken down teeth. If the break is large then a porcelain onlay or inlay might be required. This is done chair-side in one visit with our CAD-CAM system. We are an amalgam free practice and have all the necessary tools to safely remove dental amalgam to replace with a composite of porcelain.

Root Canal treatments

When a nerve of a tooth is inflamed, it causes pain. Such a tooth required a root canal treatment. With our state of the art equipment including Rotary NITI files, apex locators, digital X-rays, and lasers we can perform successful treatments to save teeth.

Emergency Dentistry

Our practice offers 24/7 dental emergency hotline. Just call 02 99697433 to speak to the dentist in case of an emergency. This is a free service to help those in need. Please read more information on emergency dentistry on the “Emergency Dentistry” page on our web-site.

Our goal at The Mosman Dental Surgery is to help our patients achieve the absolute best in dental care and we work hard to make sure that all patients are cared for in a warm approachable and scientific way.