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Gum disease is more prevalent than one would think.

One in every three individuals suffers from some degree of gum disease! Numbers are shocking, thankfully it is curable.

Bleeding gums:

First sign of gum disease is bleeding gums. Clinically- gingivitis, this condition means inflammation of the gums. Healthy gums should not bleed. Bacteria in plaque are responsible for inflammation in the gums. Inflamed gums will always bleed.


Often most patients who suffer from this condition will present with bleeding gums. But the situation is much worse. Now the inflammation in the gums has spread deeper and formed pockets around teeth. These pockets are difficult to clean and quite often smell quite bad. In advanced cases there could be some mobility of teeth due to the destruction of the tooth supporting bone and gums.

Treatment requires a team approach. Most important member of the team is the person themselves. Following home hygiene instructions is a deciding factor in the outcome of the case. Dental treatment involves deep cleaning, root planning and sometimes surgical debridement. Surgery is the last resort and is only successful if the earlier treatments have shown some improvement.