Kids Dentistry

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Kids Dentistry

The start of a child’s healthy life begins with their teeth.

Most dentists are asked by their patients, “What is the best time to bring their child to the dentist for their first visit?”. The answer is “Before they are born”.

Truth is, dental development starts in the womb. A great time to visit the dentist is when you are still in the tummy. This way we can assess the mother during pregnancy and help her with advice to look after her teeth and also some diet advice which will make the baby’s teeth strong.

At our practice we encourage parents to come for their hygiene visits with their kids. Its great for the kids to realise that going to the dentist is fun and they are not apprehensive when it is their first time.

General advice is to brush the baby’s teeth with water and brush WITHOUT PASTE till they are about 18 months. Between 18 months to 5 years use a kids tooth paste. Always buy interesting toothbrushes with their favourite characters and make brushing interesting. Having the whole family brushing together before bedtime is a great way of inculcating a good hygiene practice.