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Girl with braces

Orthodontics is a science of aligning teeth with slow gentle forces with the help of braces.

When asked “What is the right time to start Orthodontics”, there is no real correct age to start Orthodontics. Children as young as 4 can be place under orthodontic care to prevent future  malalignments. This does not mean they have braces at that time. There are other devices called expansion and myofunctional appliances which are used to reduce the time required.

At around 6 years of age first permanent molars erupt. This is a great time to seek the opinion of a dentist regarding hygiene and fissure sealing. It is also a good time to seek an opinion from an orthodontic point of view to assess if there are future needs for treatment and ways to shorten the treatment by using natural growth patterns to align crooked teeth.

Adults can also have orthodontic treatment and individual needs are assessed depending on the type of alignment desired.

After orthodontic treatment the most important part of retention begins. Teeth have a tendency of going back to where they were. At our practice we emphasise on methods to retain your perfectly aligned teeth with retainers which can be fixed or removable.

Different Types Of Braces

Traditional Braces:

Traditional Braces
Traditional Braces

These braces are the work horse of orthodontics. One can have different coloured elastics to make the treatment interesting. These braces are suitable for everyone and are also the most economical option.

Ceramic Braces:

Traditional Braces

These are suited for the aesthetically conscious individual. They are quite popular for adults who have chosen to undergo orthodontic treatment. Only the wire is metal and thus reducing the overall metal smile for a person who does not like the traditional look.

Damon Brackets:

Traditional Braces

Damon system comes in clear or metallic brackets. The advantage of this system is that there are lesser visits and the treatment time is shortened, in some cases by up to 7 months. Finishing achieved with this system is better than traditional braces.


Traditional Braces

Invisalign is getting increasingly popular due to its ease and convenience. Orthodontic treatment is done with custom made aligners. Number of aligners required varies for every individual.

With the help of preoperative x-rays, study models and photographs we can determine the number of aligners required. A detailed discussion is done before the onset of the treatment about the expected results.

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