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Sedation Dentistry

What is the need for Sedation Dentistry?

Quite a large number of people are afraid of going to the dentist. This apprehension can be blamed on bad past dental experiences. Dentists world over are now extremely careful with their approach in treating patients so that there is no long term psychological trauma caused by a negative dental experience.

We are seeing that a growing number of people are not apprehensive about their dental visit as they used to be.

In some select situations when the procedure is difficult we recommend Sedation Dentistry. IV sedation and is offered in our practice by a qualified IV Sedationist. A thorough consultation is done before embarking on this process to make sure our patient needs it.

Sedation dentistry will leave no memory of the procedure. Ideal situations for use are:

  • Difficult wisdom tooth removals.
  • Long and involved Implant Surgeries.
  • Sensitive Children which might need more procedures.

Oral Sedation is offered to patients who need simple procedures but are apprehensive due to past experiences.

Pain Free Dentistry

It might sound as an antithesis to some but most dental procedures are free from pain if performed in a gentle understanding manner. We always use local anaesthetics when required.

My personal goal in treatment while administering the anaesthetic is to make sure that the patient does not feel the process. Use of numbing gels and a gentle administration means our patients are happy and do not require sedation as much. Importance of gentle technique cannot be under estimated.

Dr.Nick Kulkarni.