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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

There is a real confusion in people’s minds regarding cosmetic dentistry. By definition, Dentistry is the art and science of restoring form, function and aesthetics of teeth and jaws. If a tooth form is incorrect, it will not function properly. Any restoration, be it a small filling or a veneer functions best if the form or shape of the tooth is correct. A form or shape of a tooth that is correct will be pleasing to the eye. Would you then say that all dentistry is cosmetic dentistry? At Mosman Dental Surgery we certainly think it is.

Human eyes can pick up shape discrepancies quite easily. If it’s a back tooth that you can’t see then the tongue and cheek will pick up a different shape very quickly.

This brings us to Fibonacci’s age old rule of the golden proportion. It is all around us in nature. This proportion has intrigued architects and engineers for centuries and it very well applies to dentistry.

If you see the illustration below the ratio of the proportion of the front tooth to the adjacent one is 1:0.618.

Generally speaking this might sound like some ridiculous jargon but if the teeth are not in the proportion any untrained eye can catch it.

Colour of teeth is given a lot of importance in the era of Hollywood smiles. But to let you in on a secret, making teeth white is the easiest job of all. The hard part is to get the form and contour correct.

Let us go through some examples of real life cosmetic dentistry.

Subtle changes:

Not everyone wants an extreme makeover. Small changes in the smile can make a big difference to the overall appearance.

This is an example of how gaps in teeth can be restored in keeping with the contour and shape of an ideal tooth. No drills, no needles and a procedure lasting under an hour could bring about these transformations.

This patient had worn chipped front teeth and wanted us to restore the edges of her teeth to prevent from chipping further. We worked only on the front two teeth to get a pleasing result.
This transformation required the use of composite veneers to get the teeth in alignment and replace the unsightly stains. Working only on the front four teeth we achieved a result that matched the patient’s expectations.
These gaps were closed using composite veneers resulting a big change in the smile.
This situation required some lateral thinking. The patient did not want anyone to know that they had work done on their front teeth. Also we were working on a strict budget.

The solution was to have the front two teeth in ceramic veneers and the next two in composite. We met the expectation by achieving a natural looking healthy and pleasant smile.

Worn down tired teeth were rejuvenated with ceramic veneers. If you notice carefully veneers are done from one corner of the smile to the other.

When cosmetic expectations are high this approach is required to achieve the necessary results.

In this case worn down stained teeth were given a youthful yet natural appearance by ceramic veneers.
If you think men don’t care for their smile, think again. Here we have used ceramic veneers to give pleasing results.

This person had a very active lifestyle and hence we created a sporty smile where the lateral incisors (second teeth from the front) are a bit shorter than the others to give that youthful young appearance.

These were old metal ceramic crowns that had undergone extensive wear. Also the gum line had lost its natural arch shaped form.

Metal free all ceramic crowns were used to treat the issue. The gum line was also re-contoured to achieve natural looking arch like gum

Veneers were done to restore chipped teeth. Note that the stained old fillings are covered by the veneer and the problem of repeated staining of front fillings is taken care for good.
Worn down teeth given a breath of fresh air! This was a difficult situation as the amount of angle correction that was required was quite large. Given the age of the patient we did not consider going whiter than that.